Art +Tech Exhibition

Art+Tech interdisciplinary approach creates an innovative art space. It explores the infinite possibilities of combining contemporary art with cutting-edge technology.

<Metamorphic Ecosphere> 2023.11.04~2024.05.05

The world we live in is undergoing dramatic transformations. On the one hand, geopo-litical tension is escalating, the global economy is regressing, and energy and food crises are on the rise. On the other hand, ecosystems are deteriorating as the climate becomes fickler and natural catastrophes more commonplace. Meanwhile, technolo-gies are seeing exponential growth—artificial intelligence, lab-grown organ  transplants, brain-machine interfaces, and other technologies once exclusive to the realm of sci-fi are no longer remote to us. As capital and technologies coerce us to keep moving, we are now entering a state of schizophrenia: at once ecstatic for the revolutions that could be heralded by cutting-edge technologies and anxious aboutthe possibility that we’re booking a one-way ticket to a dystopian future.

Against this backdrop, theories and practices of “decentralization” have become a means to reflect on and confront existing socio-economic structures by encouraging us to consider and envision alternative sociological and ecological orders. Such practices emphasize anti-anthropocentrism, equality between species, and cohabita-tion and solidarity with other species. But how do we humans take our first step towards a decentralized world? How can we begin to imagine a reality where all species are treated as equals?

Metamorphic Ecosphere proposes metamorphosis as a methodology—for human-kind’s introspection, for analyzing the economic and ecological structures that we find ourselves in, and for examining the inequalities that manifest through “voluntary” and “forced” metamorphoses. Perhaps only through conceiving and welcoming the metamorphoses of our bodies, living spaces, and ecosystems can we truly embrace the “encroachment” of other species and substances—and, in turn, stride towards a decentralized world.

The word “metamorphic” has multiple meanings. In geology, it refers to the physical and chemical “mutations” that rocks undergo when subjected to heat, pressure, and other agencies; In biology, metamorphosis describes the changes in bodily form as an organism develops into maturity; In computer science, a metamorphic code is a malicious program that constantly rewrites itself, and through such self-transforma-tion it evades the detection of anti-virus programs. Metamorphic Ecosphere branches off from the plural meanings of the “metamorphic” to inspire meditations on the voluntary and forced metamorphoses that humans, other species, and myriad substances go through in the current technological era, in our planetary metabolic system. We thereby probe the extent of change that we’re willing to accept and begin to question whether the anthropocentric beliefs we hold will ultimately consume us.