Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing wants to share a unique perspective of art through mural.

  • Beijing Promenade
    Beijing Promenade
    Beijing Promenade 2019

    <Beijing Promenade> mixes real and imaginary scenes of Beijing. In this painting, you can find some elements representing traditional Beijing culture such as Temple of Heaven and Hutong. You can also identify that some familiar buildings, such as Bird Nest and CCTV Building, stand beside the historical buildings. On this New Year's Eve, it seems that the flying automobiles and futuristic skyscrapers in the painting will soon become true.

  • 798
    798 2017

    <798> depicts the state of current cities against the background of the information explosion. This is a narrative map. The real object of each architectural site in the map can be found in the 798 Art District. This map is an imaginary representation of the real world and the reconstruction of countless pieces of space and time that are always colliding, and being arranged and reorganized.