Art +Tech

<Art & Tech> is an annual award that supports emerging Chinese curators by showcasing their perspectives on the international art scene. It also provides a valuable training platform for individuals across various fields.

Introducing the Hyundai Blue Prize

The Hyundai Blue Prize is an annual award program launched in 2017 by Hyundai Motor Company and Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing to recognize and support curators. It is currently divided into two categories: the Hyundai Blue Prize Design in Busan for design curators and the Hyundai Blue Prize Art+Tech in Beijing for emerging Chinese art curators. The Prize is devoted to curators with innovative and critical minds and provides them with exhibition opportunities and a range of professional support to put their artistic vision into practice. By posing an annual theme related to the planetary perspective, the prize encourages curators to examine and respond to the most pressing issues of our time and to envision a better future in their own unique ways. It distinguishes itself from other Chinese art prizes by emphasizing art and technology research and exploration, particularly in terms of shifting paradigms and contemporary discourses in the digital age.


Hyundai Blue Prize Art +Tech

Hyundai Blue Prize Art+Tech aims not only to discover talents, but also to enable them to develop, display and position themselves (to give full scope to the talents), so that they can be at the heart of the creative and innovative network that links art and technology to social responsibility. This is an award focusing on guidance and communication, aiming to provide winners with a platform, a group and indispensable time to actively develop and review their projects through conversation, research, observation and criticism.


[Hyundai Blue Prize Art+Tech 2023 Theme]
“Decentralized Reworlding”

We are living in these unprecedented times even though a post-pandemic return to normality is in sight. The repercussions of the pandemic are like a butterfly effect, causing unpredictable changes in all fields. The Hyundai Blue Prize 2023 will nurture the creative and critical forms of re-worlding through the arts, technology, and humanities that must be in action to sustain our decentralized life. The relationship between individual and collective, everyday life and the macro environment, technology and humanity is facing ever-changing challenges and urgently needs to be re-understood and redefined.

In a bold new initiative, the Hyundai Blue Prize 2023 will encourage investigation of the complexity of the social system and rethinking the current boundaries of our social norms and human territories. The aim is to imagine new possibilities for re-worlding in the era of the metaverse, distributed networks, decentralized economies, and generative, responsible AI.