Kids Workshop

<Kids Workshop> is hands-on project specifically designed for children and adolescents, aiming to give them a fun and accessible introduction to automobile design, related technologies, and arts through engaging creative activities.

Animal Farm Mini Workshop

This initiative familiarizes participants with the creative language of curators and artists. We are delving into the mysteries of art together and collaborating with parents and children to create artwork, nurturing confidence and creativity. This program offers an opportunity not only to appreciate art exhibitions but also to foster family bonding. It allows children to openly share their thoughts with their parents and partake in meaningful creative endeavours. We are seeking the involvement of 8 families for this activity.

Program Ended



Kids Workshop: Robot & Life

This initiative encourages children to engage in thought-provoking discussions about the latest transportation technologies, such as the driverless automobile and more. Moreover, they will get the opportunity to use electronic parts to construct their own driverless car system, thereby enhancing their problem-solving abilities and programming skills.