Hyundai Blue Prize Art + Tech 2023 awarded exhibition Metamorphic Ecosphere

Hyundai Motorstudio 2023-11-03

·Curated by ZONG Xiao, recipient of the Hyundai Blue Prize Art + Tech 2023

·The exhibition proposes “metamorphosis” as a methodology to stride toward a decentralized world. 

Beijing, November 4, 2023 — Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing presents Metamorphic Ecosphere, the second exhibition of Hyundai Blue Prize Art + Tech 2023, curated by ZONG Xiao.

The Hyundai Blue Prize Art + Tech is an annual prize recognizing and supporting emerging curators in China and committed to fostering innovative and critical exploration of major contemporary issues. As its theme for 2023, “Decentralized Reworlding” encourages curators to investigate the complexity of the social system and rethink the current boundaries of our social norms and human territories in terms of envisioning the possibilities of reshaping the world. Metamorphic Ecosphere proposes “metamorphosis” as a methodology for humankind’s introspection, analysis of the economic and ecological structures in which we find ourselves, and examination of the inequalities that manifest through “voluntary” and “forced” metamorphoses.

Installation view of the Hyundai Blue Prize Art + Tech 2023 exhibition Metamorphic Ecosphere at Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing

The exhibition is developed based on the following premise:”Perhaps only through conceiving and welcoming the metamorphoses of our bodies, living spaces, and ecosystems can we truly embrace the ‘encroachment’ of other species and substances — and, in turn, stride towards a decentralized world.” The exhibition collaborates with ten emerging groups of artists to explore and experiment on this topic through various mediums. The theme is investigated through two aspects: “voluntary” and “forced” metamorphoses. As a mechanism for survival, voluntary metamorphoses test our tolerance for the transmutations of our bodies and draw attention to the possibilities of co-existing or even co-evolving with “invasive” species. Forced metamorphoses focus on the alteration of the planet’s metabolism as a result of technological progress and encourage reflection on the profound impact human activities have inflicted upon the environment.

DAI Shengjie, Lunch on Treasure Island, 2023, Mixed media, Size variable, Commissioned Work

Installation view of the Hyundai Blue Prize Art + Tech 2023 exhibition Metamorphic Ecosphere at Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing

"Under the theme of the Hyundai Blue Prize Art + Tech 2023, 'Decentralized Reworlding,' Metamorphic Ecosphere proposes metamorphosis as a crucial aspect of a decentralized ecosystem," stated DooEun Choi, the art director of Hyundai Motor. "The exhibition will encourage the creative and critical processes of reimagining our world in order to reflect on our shared planetary concerns for a better future."

The curator, ZONG Xiao, stated, “The advancement of technologies has drastically altered the planet’s metabolism, and the resulting metamorphoses of nonhuman agents constantly remind us of the cruelty and inequality of industrialization and technological development. Metamorphic Ecosphere encourages viewers to reconsider such metamorphoses and reflect on our relationships to technologies, as such reflections may be prerequisites for the creation of alternative social and ecological orders.”

DAI Shengjie, Lunch on Treasure Island, Mixed media, Size variable, 2023,

Commissioned Work

WANG Sicheng, Beginning and Future, Iron, PVC, stainless steel, photosynthetic bacteria, algae, surgical forceps, pumpers, Size variable, 2023

CAO Shuyi, Begin with the End of What Comes Before, 8K Video , 8 minutes 48 seconds, 2023

Commissioned Work

Collaboration & Credit, Music: Oxi Peng  CG animation: AJ Sapala, CG assistant: Yuxin Ding


Notes to Editors:


Metamorphic Ecosphere 

Duration: November 4, 2023 – March 31, 2024

Venue: Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing, E-1, 798 Art Zone, 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Curator: ZONG Xiao

Participating Artists: CAO Shuyi, DAI Shengjie, JUJUWANG,Sustainable Platform (XIAO Liang, GAN Yizhen, JIN Shengxu, HUANG Jiayang, WANG Jingzhe), CryptoZR, SO Wing Po, WANG Sicheng, WU Ziyang & Mark RAMOS, XIAO Liang & GAN Yizhen, YANG Yiming

About the Curator:

ZONG Xiao, graduated from the School of Visual Arts and obtained a Master’s Degree in Curatorial Practice. Zong has curated several exhibitions, including Narratives, Stories, Algorithms: Rethinking Independence in Digital Times, 2022, at the Pfizer Building, Brooklyn, New York, and LovingHatingLand, 2021, at the SVA Gallery, New York. She is a curator currently based in Shanghai.

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