Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing wants to share a unique perspective of art through mural.

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'We Are All Unique' by Universal Everything

Source of Image : Courtesy of the artist

About the Mural

Commissioned and unveiled by Hyundai Motor Company and Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing, the mural initiative perpetually echoes the company's commitment to cultivating a more sustainable future while fostering a dynamic connection with the local communities. The project ensures public access to art as an inclusive cultural conversation starter.

Since its inception in 2017, coinciding with the opening of Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing, this ever-evolving mural has swiftly become a quintessential feature within the 798 Art District. It stands as a testament to Hyundai's dedication to reinforcing its ties with diverse community groups through a practice of periodic artistic creation. Collaborative efforts with preeminent creative talents have been integral to this process.

The latest installment, titled 'We Are All Unique', marks the third iteration of the mural series and is collaborated with the renowned global digital art collective Universal Everything. This edition is a site-specific commission with reference to the distinctive architectural essence of the 798 Art District and is harmoniously integrated with Hyundai's forward-thinking philosophy on sustainable energy solutions.

This mural not only beckons the community to delve into their surroundings with a renewed sense of wonder and delight but simultaneously invites contemplation on the innovative application of eco-friendly materials. The characters expressed in the artwork embed connection to diverse mobility, eco-friendly materials and of the visual language of the local community’s architecture and design.

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Artist Statement by Universal Everything

We Are All Unique celebrates a diverse population, united by a shared purpose. The artwork captures a procession of diverse characters expressed in multiple forms, colors and materials.
As individuals, each character's personality and appearance is distinct, moving through space in unique abstract ways. As a collective, the characters pulse to the same rhythm — creating an unexpected choreography, performed by an unexpected sum of parts.
This edition of We Are All Unique has been specially created for Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing and 798 Art District. The composition and expressions of characters have been intentionally designed to communicate three core themes, central to Hyundai’s future vision:

Diverse Mobility

Celebrating Hyundai's innovation in the future of mobility by the diverse ways each character moves through the space.


Styling our characters using sustainable materials and practices, commonly used in Hyundai's sustainable approach to mobility design.

Connection & Collaboration

Creating a connection with the local community by visually referencing the form and visual language of the 798 Art District — its design and architectural.



Meet the characters of ‘We Are All Unique’



Meet the vibrant Electricity character, creatively portrayed in diverse forms. Hyundai is committed to realizing sustainable mobility that does not negatively affect the global environment based on leading clean mobility technologies in the fields of electric vehicles. This dedication comes to life in our IONIQ brand, where innovation meets eco-conscious design, redefining the future of electric driving with style and purpose.


Water, Hydrogen

As you can see the distinctive water droplet appearance, this character symbolizes Hyundai's innovative approach to hydrogen energy. From cars to trucks and buses, coupled with innovative mobility platforms like robotaxis, Hyundai is driving towards a carbon-neutral future.


Eco-Friendly Leather

The forms of these figures draw inspiration from the latticed emblem of the 798 entrance, embodying the connection to the art district. The material represented mirrors the eco-friendly processed leather found in IONIQ 5 and 6 interiors. What's more, the dyeing process utilizes flaxseed oil and bio components extracted from sugar cane and corn, underlining Hyundai's dedication to environmentally conscious practices.


Recycled PET Plastic

The material represented is soft recycled PET plastic yarn, which can be found in the seats for interiors of IONIQ 5 and 6. While embodying Hyundai's commitment to sustainability, these figures also capture the easily overlooked yet ubiquitous small stone stumps scattered across the grounds of 798.


Recycled Fabric

These playful representations are inspired by the recycled fishing net carpet found in the interiors of the IONIQ 6. Just like our dedicated electric lineup of cars, IONIQ, these characters embody Hyundai's vision for the future of mobility. By using recycled materials like fishing nets, we are not only reimagining automotive interiors but also bringing tangible sustainable solutions to the world.


Recycled Paper

Meet these charming characters, celebrating the sustainable elegance of recycled paper. Each figure embodies Hyundai’s commitment to eco-friendly design, turning recycled paper into a symbol of style and sustainability in the journey towards a greener tomorrow.



The shapes of these cartoon figures are inspired by the mechanized settling tanks and cracking furnaces of the 798 area. These relics of the once-used colossal industrial equipment find renewed vitality as sources of inspiration within the area, with the metallic sheen of powder green and powder orange adding a sense of fashion to them.


Papier Mache

Fashioned from the eco-friendly material Papier-mâché, these characters are modeled after the arches within the 798 area, as well as the assorted towers and stacks scattered throughout.



These vividly colored triangles, regularly and irregularly shaped rectangles, draw inspiration from the vast silhouette of gantry cranes. A gantry crane is a variant of the bridge crane, commonly found in industrial zones. Here, wood substitutes for steel, transforming these formidable structures into charming and adorable character representations.


Brick, Stone, Concrete

These designs reference the well-known Bauhaus-style architectural landmarks within the 798 area, including the distinctive sawtooth-shaped roofs delineated by simple lines, and structural columns emanating from within the buildings. Watermelon red and Morandi colors add warmth and a soft texture to the original brick and concrete industrial structures.

Media Work ‘We Are All Unique’

Please enjoy the original media work of the mural –

‘We Are All Unique’ is a celebration of unity in difference. A gathering of joyful figures emerges - each moving to the music in their own way, with their own distinctive textures, colors and expressions. Together, the characters pulse to the same rhythm, an unexpected sum of parts with a shared purpose.

Source of Video : Courtesy of the artist


About the Artist

Universal Everything

Universal Everything is a UK-based digital art and design collective founded by Matt Pyke in 2004. The studio’s work is imbued with life and imagination, exploring human movement, figurative forms and emerging technology to push the boundaries of human digital art and our creative experience.


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