Kids Workshop

It is an experience-based project designed for children/adolescents, aiming to help them easily know the automobile design, related technologies and arts through creative activities.

Kids Workshop:Robot & Life

Learn about pilotless automobile and the latest mobility options through discussions. Use electronic parts to make driverless cars, and develop problem-finding thinking, problem-analyzing thinking, and problem-solving thinking through programming courses.

Recommended for

6-12 older


120 minutes


The event is reserved according to the sequence of the applications. We may close the application early if the quota for the program is reached.

The event takes place in line with relevant COVID-19 guidelines and rules.

In accordance with the corona social distancing guidelines, the program operation plan may change in the future.

Applicants are admitted only since the number of participants is limited per session.

This is a group program. Please arrive 15 minutes before the program begins and sign in.