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现代汽车文化中心 2022-05-25

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On April 27, 2022, Hyundai Blue Prize Art+Tech 2023 Art Award with the theme of "Decentralized Reworlding"  is open for recruitment  .


As one of the key projects of Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing, the Hyundai Blue Prize embodies thedream of people to innovate and enjoy life. lt is a completely open multi-disciplinary experimentalart platform specially established for China.The Prize are dedicated to innovative curatorial talents that have a diverse mindset and can present unique insights into contemporary Chinesesocial phenomena and issues.


Different from other Chinese art awards, the Hyundai Blue Prize breaks from the traditionalmethods of judging by research field. In addition to inviting senior judges from variousfields,such as art and design at home and abroad, the audience and media industryrepresentatives will also get involved in the judging process, which will create a new modelfor all to discuss art, innovation and technology.In addition, the Hyundai Blue Prize is a pioneering force that continues to focus on thedevelopment of Chinese emerging curators.Apart from organizing exhibitions for thewinners, the Prize also enhances international exchanges and offers a chance for them tostudy a t art+tech institutions.


You can be an architect, a designer, a tech enthusiast or a music aficionado.  Hyundai Blue Prize is the choice for you as long as you devote your efforts to a professional research field, as long as you are passionate about curating exhibitions, as long as you love art, and if you want to make your curating plan land!  



Decentralized Reworlding


We are living in these unprecedented times even though a post-pandemic return to normality is in sight. Therepercussions of the pandemic are like a butterfly effect, causing unpredictable changes in all fields. TheHyundai Blue Prize 2023 will nurture the creative and critical forms of re-worlding through the arts,technology, and humanities that must be in action to sustain our decentralized life. The relationship betweenindividual and collective, everyday life and the macro environment, technology and humanity is facing ever-changing challenges and urgently needs to be re-understood and redefined. One of the paradoxicalconsequences, for instance, is that social distancing has given rise to further rapid adoption of remote andvirtual engagement, yet we are also more eager than ever for intimate connections. Meanwhile, theaccelerating private industry space race is expanding our perspective on the territories of mankind toencompass outer space. At the same time, it makes us want to reexamine the crucial systems that areneeded support our life on this planet.


The Hyundai Blue Prize has a history of critically examining how to improve human habitation and life through art and technology. In 2021, under the theme of“Resonant Cities," the Prize interrogated how we might create more sustainable and inclusive cities through awareness of the emotional and affective experience of their inhabitants. In 2022, the Prize reflected upon the urgency of the present and critically engaged with disruptive technologies in order to envision possible futures under the theme of “Disruptive Futures.”


In a bold new initiative, the Hyundai Blue Prize 2023 will encourage investigation of the complexity of the social system and rethinking the current boundaries of our social norms and human territories. The aim is to imagine new poss i bilities for re-worlding in the era of the metaverse, distributed networks, decentralized economies, and generative, responsible AI.






1) One-to-one expert mentorship and 5 hours' senior judges' tutorial to prepare for the final plan

2) Opportunity to Visit ROK: five finalists will be invited to visit Hyundai Motorstudios in Seoul, Goyang, Hanam and Busan and share their experience

3) Five finalists will receive 30,000 RMB (including tax) finalist cash prize per team



1) An International visit: two winners will be invited to join an international visit to art institutions in the world

2) Award exhibitions: two winners will receive an exhibition sponsorship of 600,000 RMB (including tax) respectively, and display their winning schemes at Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing


Explain: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the above overeas trip for finalists and winners will be subject to change, depending on Hyundai Blue Prize Art+Tech Organizing Committee's annoucement.



1. Chinese researchers or practitioners who have passion in art curation, aged under 35

2. Participated in at least one exhibition curation (solo or group curation)

3.Submission Materials:

l   Enrolment Form (Appendix VI) (Obligatory)

l   A copy of the ID card or passport (Obligatory)

l   Resume in both Chinese and English

l   Individual portfolios or research results

l   Curation theme statement (1000-2000 words in both English and Chinese) (Obligatory)

l   Curatorial plan (in both English and Chinese) (Obligatory)

l   There is no limit to the field of culture and art involved in the exhibition

Entry Information

1 . Space: Contestants are required to design an exhibition in the gallery space of Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing.

2 . Exhibition budget: 600,000 RMB (before tax), the final winning scheme will be presented at Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing.

3 . Exhibition period: 2-4 months, according to the schedule of the actual venue of Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing.

4 . Based on the principle of fairness and justice, the event does not accept the registration of a team with more than 2 curators. Moreover, one person of the team must be selected as the representative to submit their plan (signed by both parties) and receive the award (such as the international visit). Whereas both can appear in the media together.

5 . Emergency Termination System

In order to ensure the quality of the exhibition, Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing has the right to disqualify winners who have no practical ability, lack the sense of responsibility, do not follow the rules of institution management, or incapable to complete the work in line with predetermined requirements. Moreover, the right to pursue further investigation according to the actual situation is reserved.


6 . Event statement:

According to China’s relevant laws and regulations, for the “Contestants” who have submitted the plans by their own initiative, the Organizing Committee believes that they have made the following irrevocable declarations on the copyright of the submitted plans:


1)  Authentic statement: the submitted plan is authentic and does not infringe any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of any other person. The plan is not for any commercial purpose in any form. Otherwise, the Organizing Committee will cancel the contestant’s qualification to participate, enter the competition and win awards, Moreover, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to pursue legal liability.

2) Ownership of the plan's IPR: The entire copyright of all plans is owned by the contestant.

3)Homepage of Hyundai Blue prize ( / ) and its WeChat Official Account“ 现代汽车文化中心 ”are the designated information release channels of this event.

4) The submitted plan must respect China's national conditions and must not violate current relevant laws and regulations.


* Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing reserves all the rights for the final explanation.